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Happy New Year 2012

2012-01-01 17:15:57 by GoticStarfire

My account is now 1 year old

2011 flashes
09.18 - Luigi's Block
10.08 - The Link's Chest
10.28 - Castlevania Halloween 2011
11.02 - Mega Man Scene Creator
12.12 - Kirby Christmas Special 2011
12.24 - Rescuing the Princess

2012 flashes
01.01 - Link vs Blaino
01.13 - Damn Sandwich

Merry Christmas!

2011-12-03 17:36:26 by GoticStarfire

Merry Christmas! you can see my christmas flash now.

People wonder why I behave like JosephAS1, I'm not like him, what happens is that I find easier leave a review as it does, i feel like a child.

Check out my other mediocre stuff

1. Luigi's Block
2. The Link's Chest
3. Castlevania Halloween 2011
4. Megaman Scene Creator
5. Kirby Christmas Special 2011
6. Rescuing the Princess

I know this image has nothing to do.
Sorry for the image quality

Merry Christmas!

Sorry NG Users, but I can not finish this flash now, since I had things to do.

I submit the full version on Friday 27 or November.

Sorry: (

My first flash

2011-09-18 20:00:37 by GoticStarfire

Luigi´s Block is my first flash submission,
What do you think?